Three Generations of Ranching in Colorado

would like to help bring about a re-birth of the days not so long ago, when we all had an appreciation of where our food came

“Let us be your rancher”

Selling meat to your family, direct from our ranch, opens a door for people to support and understand their local agriculture. If people know where their food comes from, and how the land is managed and the livestock cared for, then there is a greater sense of accountability for all of us. We value your purchase as a partnership with our ranch, the land, and your family.

The Larrew Family

Bud and Betty Larrew believed in old fashioned values, hard work and simplicity. They passed those values down to their two boys, Tery and Gary, and many grandchildren. Bud and Betty made quite an impression on all of them, and so did the home raised beef that came from the ranch.

Wade, Tery
Dan, and Adrienne

Years later, the values of land stewardship and home-raised quality meat, and simplicity still ring true for Corner Post Meats and the Larrew family.