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Perfect for a celebratory meal, a tasty breakfast or easy lunches. Cured with salt and sugar and that's it! Since it's not smoked, it has a meatier flavor that's subtly sweet and not too salty. No nitrates or nitrites.

Cut Details – Sizes ranging from 4.5 lbs - 10.5 lbs
Preparation Method – Baking

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Prime Rib Roast
Our Price: $45.00

All the Ribeyes kept together in a roast. It is one of the most festive and cherished cuts on a beef.
Cut Details – Approximately 4 pounds, Bone-In
Preparation Method – Roasting
Substitution Ideas – There is no substitute for this fabulous cut unless you just want a Ribeye Steak.
Location on animal – Rib section

NY Strip Steak Package
Our Price: $175.00

Includes 10 of our oh-so-tender NY Strip Steaks. Each strip is a meaty 11 ounces and nearly 7 lbs in the whole package. This is a great way to feed a large group of steak lovers. Buying these in bulk will save you $30 versus buying them individually. And don't be afraid to store them in the freezer. All packages are vacuum sealed to retain quality!