If you love a great deal and prefer to cook at home, then buying in bulk is definitely the way to go. If your freezer can’t handle an entire quarter at once, we have an alternative! Our Quarter Club is convenient and easy on your budget while being light on freezer space. Each month for four months you’ll receive an assortment of cuts from your Quarter. Our meat is cut, wrapped and frozen, and ready for your freezer. Not sure the best way to cook any of these cuts? Check out our Meat Selection page for ideas or Recipes for in depth tips and meal ideas.

Curious what you get in the Quarter Club, check out the list of meats in our Quarter Beef. The Quarter Club contains these same meat products, broken up into 4 delicious bundles.

**Monthly Payment Plans Available**

You can always shop our meat market if you'd prefer to order a whole quarter at once, but for your convenience, we now offer automatic billing exclusively for Quarter Club members. Just click the button below to go to the Quarter Club signup page.

No need to hassle with the shopping cart - just click the button above to get started. Complete the simple checkout and your credit card will automatically be billed $185 today, and then again monthly for the next three months.

Quarter Club Installment Plan:
4 Easy Payments of $185
Your Credit Card will be charged: Amount
1. At checkout $185.00 USD
2. Every month thereafter for 3 additional months $185.00 USD
Total $740.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.