We strive to manage our grazing on a rotational basis where plants and grasses are grazed and then rested for an adequate recovery time before being grazed again. This process increases plant vigor and root density. More roots in the soil mean better water retention in the soil, which decreases the effects of desertification. This also ensures quality nutrition for all of our grass finished cattle.

We often use permanent and temporary electric fence to congregate our cattle in areas at a relatively high density, for short periods of time. High density creates herd effect through churning hooves, which tills, re-seeds and fertilizes the soil. This, in turn, reduces our dependency on fuel, machinery and chemical fertilizer. Making our company energy-efficient as well as health conscious. This grazing cycle is much like the same positive effect that migratory bison had on our soils for thousands of years. A far cry from those ‘other’ fast food chains selling you something similar to meat. You can taste the difference in ours.
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