Thanks for inquiring into a career opportunity with Corner Post Meats. Job opportunities currently fall within the following categories:

  • SMD: Sales, Marketing, and Distribution Opportunities (Click here to view the Position and Application Process)

  • Livestock Production: Livestock Raising and Finishing Opportunities (Click here to view the Position and Application Process)

    Corner Post Meats

    (CPM) offers artisan meats created from a unique and unconventional combination of intensively-managed grazing, clean water, open spaces, and plenty of sunshine. All operations for our pasture-based, multi-species production and meats distribution business is currently based out of a 1,500 acre ranch in Black Forest, CO. Located between Colorado Springs and Denver at 7,500 feet, the ranch is equally remote and convenient to civilization. CPM covers the entire “ranch to consumer” process from pasture-to-plate direct to the public and restaurants. We currently raise, market and distribute grass-finished beef and lamb as well as pasture raised pork, chicken, eggs and turkey.

    Corner Post Meats is led by experienced and capable owners, however the business as a whole is in its infancy. All positions at CPM are currently like jumping onto a fast moving train. A job with CPM can be very demanding, but rewarding with a dynamic variety of responsibilities.

    CPM Vision Statement

    Selling meat to our community direct from the ranch opens a door for people to support and understand local agriculture. When individuals know where their food comes from and how the land is managed and the livestock cared for, there is a greater sense of collaboration and accountability for all of us. We value their purchase and view it as a partnership with the ranch, the land, and their family.

    The right candidate for any job with Corner Post Meats will have the following characteristics:

    • Team player who can work both independently and within a group, to accomplishing job duties.
    • Strong desire to learn and grow with the real-world challenges of a small company.
    • Understands the need for a systemized work environment, and is able work well within that type of framework.
    • Keen skills of observation of his/her surroundings and everyday activities.
    • Open and clear communicator.
    • Strong problem-solving capabilities.
    • Ability to multitask and learn new material.
    • Detail-oriented.
    • A great attitude and patient person.

    If you read this information and are jumping out of your seat with excitement, please click on the links above to see how to apply to join the SMD or Livestock Production team. We look forward to hearing from you!