The Corner Post Meats tribe consists of a small group of gritty yet sophisticated folks who are revolutionizing the local food movement with a “don’t fence me in” kind of approach to problem solving. Each of us plays a crucial role in the flow of goods from pasture to plate. Our team of people is filled with individuals who have true grit, show a zest and zeal for life, and are fired up to work within a company that is about good food that comes from managing healthy landscapes.

“When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work isn’t an option. It’s a necessity.” -Steve Pavlina-

Please send your responses to the questions below and your resume to with your name and "CPM Tribe" as the subject.

A. Tell us about an interest that you are committed to being great at.
Life hardly ever goes as we plan... However, if you traveled in time 5 years where do you think you would find yourself and why?
What didn’t you get to include on your resume?
How would you prioritize the following and why? Company. Self. Team.
What do you think is true that no one else seems to agree with?
Explain your desired living conditions and desired pay scale with an explanation for the salary requested.
What would make working at Corner Post Meats become the job you have always wanted?
H. What does "grit" mean to you and when have you showed "true grit?"

Thanks for your interest. I can’t wait to learn more about you.

***We appreciate your enthusiasm. However, please do not stop by the ranch or call to inquire about the positions. We will assess all applications and respond via email. Thanks!***